Energy Blue Print
Scenario for a future energy supply

Moving from principles to action for energy supply that mitigates against climate change requires a long-term perspective. Energy infrastructure takes time to build up; new energy technologies take time to develop. Policy shifts often also need many years to take effect. In most world regions the transformation from fossil to renewable energies will require additional investment and higher supply costs over about twenty years.

heat pumps

Heat pumps typically provide hot water or space heat for heating systems with relatively low supply temperature or can serve as a supplement to other heating technologies. They have become increasingly popular for underfloor heating in buildings in Europe. Economies of scale are less important than for deep geothermal, so there is focus on small household applications with investment costs in Europe ranging from 500-1,600 €/kW for ground water systems and from 1,200-3,000 €/kW for ground source or aerothermal systems.