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Key results of the energy [r]evolution scenario

The Reference scenario and the Energy [R]evolution scenario are based on the same projections of population and economic development. The future development of energy intensity, however, differs between the reference and the alternative case, taking into account the measures to increase energy efficiency under the Energy [R]evolution scenario.

global: projection of energy intensity

An increase in economic activity and a growing population does not necessarily have to result in an equivalent increase in energy demand. There is still a large potential for exploiting energy efficiency measures. Under the Reference scenario we assume that energy intensity will be reduced by 1.7% on average per year, leading to a reduction in final energy demand per unit of GDP of about 50% between 2009 and 2050. Under the Energy [R]evolution scenario it is assumed that active policy and technical support for energy efficiency measures will lead to an even higher reduction in energy intensity of almost 70% untill 2050.