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Key results of the energy [r]evolution scenario

The Reference scenario and the Energy [R]evolution scenario are based on the same projections of population and economic development. The future development of energy intensity, however, differs between the reference and the alternative case, taking into account the measures to increase energy efficiency under the Energy [R]evolution scenario.

global: primary energy consumption

Taking into account the assumptions discussed above, the resulting primary energy consumption under the Energy [R]evolution scenario is shown in Figure 5.14. Compared to the Reference scenario, overall primary energy demand will be reduced by 40% in 2050.

The Energy [R]evolution scenario would even achieve a renewable energy share of 41% by 2030 and 82% by 2050. In this projection almost the entire global electricity supply, including the majority of the energy used in buildings and industry, would come from renewable energy sources. The transport sector, in particular aviation and shipping, would be the last sector to become fossil fuel free.