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Scenarios for a future energy supply

The Reference scenario and the Energy [R]evolution scenario are based on the same projections of population and economic development. The future development of energy intensity, however, differs between the reference and the alternative case, taking into account the measures to increase energy efficiency under the Energy [R]evolution scenario.

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primary energy consumption

Under the Energy [R]evolution scenario, primary energy demand will increase by 22% from today’s 23,227 PJ/a to 28,302 PJ/a (see Figure 5.12). Compared to the Reference scenario, overall primary energy demand will be reduced by 43% in 2050 under the Energy [R]evolution scenario (REF: 49,621 PJ in 2050).

The Energy [R]evolution version aims to phase out coal and oil as fast as technically and economically possible.This is made possible mainly by replacement of coal power plants with renewables and a fast introduction of very efficient electric vehicles in the transport sector to replace oil combustion engines. This leads to an overall renewable primary energy share of 41% in 2030 and 78% in 2050. In contrast to the REF scenario, no nuclear power plants will be built in the ASEAN region in the Energy [R]evolution scenario.