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Scenarios for a future energy supply

Moving from principles to action for energy supply that mitigates against climate change requires a long-term perspective. Energy infrastructure takes time to build up; new energy technologies take time to develop. Policy shifts often also need many years to take effect. In most world regions the transformation from fossil to renewable energies will require additional investment and higher supply costs over about twenty years

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Solar Photovoltaic Project Dasing

Technology Solar Photovoltaics
Source N/A
Mode Electricity
Policy Feedin-tarifs
Country Germany
State Bavaria
City Dasing
Description The 1.5 MW solar photovoltaics project was the biggest rooftop project in 2006 in Bavaria. The project covers 3 roofs of warehouses with a total area of 31,000 m2
Project development Planet energy GmbH
Total investment 8,0 million Euro
Production cost / Feed-in tarif 0,45 cent/kWh

Contact details
Telephone +49 40 808 110 770
Technical details
Installed capacity 1,5 MW
Annual generation 1,5 MWh
Number of household that can be supplied by produced electricity 450
Annual CO2 saving in Tons of CO2 per year 835
Grid Ongrid
Manufacturer PV Modules: Suntaics / Sharp
Inverter: SMA
Operator Planet energy - Solar 1 GmbH